Magie Ceremonială şi generalităţi


Ceremonial Magic & The Power of Evocation – Joseph C. Lisiewski

Ceremonial Magic – Israel Regardie

Ceremonial Magic Unveiled – Dion Fortune

The Art and Meaning of Magic – Israel Regardie

The Book of Ceremonial Magic – Arthur Edward Waite

The Practice of Magical Evocation – Franz Bardon

Grimoires: A history of magic books – Owen Davies

Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires – Aaron Leitch

Magic Circles in the Grimoire Tradition – William Kiesel

A Collection of Magical Secrets – Paul Harry Barron, Stephen Skinner, David Rankine

Conjuring Spirits – Claire Fanger

Invoking Angels – Claire Fanger

White Magic, Black Magic in the European Renaissance – Paola Zambelli

Eros si Magie in Renastere – Ioan P Culianu

The Transformations of Magic – Frank Klaassen

Forbidden Rites – Richard Kieckhefer

Spiritual and Demonic Magic: From Ficino to Campanella – D.P. Walker

Magic in the Cloister – Sophie Page

Ritual Magic – Elizabeth M. Butler

Modern Magick – Donald Michael Kraig

Veritable Key of Solomon – Stephen Skinner, David Rankine

Magic in the Middle Ages – Richard Kieckhefer

Ancient Christian Magic – Marvin Meyer, Richard Smith

Crossed Keys – Michel Cecchetelli

Amulets and Magic Bowls: Aramaic Incantations of late antiquity – Joseph Naveh, Shaul Shaked

Living Theurgy – Jeffrey S. Kupperman

Quabbalistic Magic – Baal-Shem Salomon

High Magic – Frater U.D.