How to contribute

If you decided to join our community and wish to contribute with material for the website, read what we have to say here before sending us any material.

First of all I believe it is necessary to understand our position and the website’s purpose. For this we ask you to read the section About Us. There you have explained what this website is and what it is not and what we are dealing with.

We are interested in articles on any subject about Occultism, Esoterism, Religion and Spirituality.

You may choose any subject you wish. Personal beliefs and experiences, basic or advanced information about a subject, no matter what you choose to send you can do it as long as these are authentic and are written by yourself or have the permission of the author to be published on this website.

Rules for articles

  1. The article must be yours or its publication may be approved by its author.
  2. No illegal articles
  3. No rasists, anti-semite etc articles.

How to send

All the articles will be signed by the author. The rest is simple. You send the article in .doc format as attachment at the e-mail address ocult_ro @ ymail. Com (without spaces)